Project Is Unviewable – Pesan Error Excel Add In

9999.01 project is unviewableProject Is Unviewable. Pagi ini saya dapat email tutorial dari rekan satu kantor yang menemukan pesan error di excelnya. Beliau kebetulan juga suka ‘ngulik’ excel macro. Pesan popup yang muncul tertulis Project is unviewable .

Setelah mencari kesana-kemari dibantu oleh om Google, ada satu tip yang berhasil untuk solusi dari problem itu. Berikut ini ringkasannya yang dikutip dari :  🙂

Re: “Project is Unviewable” – Excel add-in

For anyone interested in truly protecting their VBA projects check out the following step by step guide posted on another forum by Jan Karel Pieterse:

1. Save the Excel workbook (.xls) file into an add-in (File > SaveAs…..)
2. After you have the saved add-in (.xla), close the Excel workbook (.xls)
3. Double click on the add-in to open it
4. Press Alt+F11 to access the add-in’s vba project
5. Lock the vba-project with a password
6. Double-click on the “ThisWorkbook” code module
7. Press F4 to open the Properties window
8. Change the “IsAddin” status to FALSE
9. Return to Excel by Pressing Alt+Q (or close the vbe window)
10. Go to Tools > Share Workbook
11. When the dialogue appears, check the box for: (Allow changes by…..)
12. Press OK to close the Dialogue
13. When prompted to save, Press OK
14. Press Ok to accept that “macros cannot be accessed”
15. You should feel giddy at this point because you just realized what you have
been missing right under your nose
16. Verify that the [SHARED] appears in the application title bar
17. Now save the workbook again as an Add-in (File > SaveAs…) overwriting the
previous one
18. Close this Excel workbook without saving the changes (you don’t need it)
19. Test out your newly saved add-in (open it, access the vbe, try to expand
the project window, you should get the new message “Project is Unviewable”
20. Your done

The project can’t be opened using passware software or the “hex method” (at least the tests I’ve done indicate it can’t).


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